EBT’s Telecommunications Industry Services (ETIS) group provides consulting to industry clients around the world. The ETIS practice is focused on the needs of our clients who are primarily companies operating as distribution, content and infrastructure providers to the telecommunications industry.

These providers include the following:

Traditional telecommunications providers

Global telecom providers
Regional Bell companies
Long distance carriers

Cable and wireless

Long distance carriers
Traditional cable carriers

Developing markets

Optical Networking
The Internet
Virtual Private Network

Increased competition in the telecommunication industry has put pressure on service providers to enter new markets, introduce new services, reduce operations costs, and maximize investment capital. As a result, service providers are building next generation networks that are complex and multi-service capable. Cost effective operation and management of these networks, especially in a multi-vendor and multi-technology (such as ATM, FR, IP, SONET/SDH, Optical/DWDM and wireless) environment, is also a very complex task. In order for ISPs, CLECs, ILECs, IXCs and RBOCs to be successful, they have to have state-of-the-art, solid and scalable Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS). EBT’sTM can assist you in designing Business Support System (BSS) and Operation Support System (OSS) solutions to meet your requirements. Whether it is for Next Generation Networks, traditional voice networks, or dual networks; nationwide carriers or start-ups; large clients who need targeted or end-to-end solutions or smaller clients needing integrated, market entry solutions, EBT’sTM can help you find the best solution. We can help you identify and integrate modular, industry-leading OSS and BSS products that work exceptionally well as stand-alone products, and also work well together as pre-integrated suites, enabling business success today and in the future. Our solutions comply with the TMN model and bring together the network and customer, integrating billing and ordering with inventory, activation, and network management.

Areas of Expertise EBT’s TIS group offers consulting services to our clients in the following areas:
Sales Force Automation Order Entry
Order Management Provisioning
Customer Care Billing
Usage Processing Interconnection Gateway
Network Activation Network Inventory
Trouble Management Billing
EBT,Inc is actively implementing the projects in the following technologies:
Aimetrix Granite Portal
Active InLogic Remedy
Architel Intertech Saville
Baan CRM Kenan Siebel
Clarify MetaSolv Silver Stream eCRM
Cygent Micromuse Tibco
Daleen NexCen Vantive
DSET NightFire Vitria
EHPT ObjectSwitch