In the field of QA and software testing solutions, E-Base Technologies offers a combination of proven experience, skills, products, and services to create a comprehensive solution that meets customers’ business needs.

The E-Base Technologies QA experts provide services and solutions adapted to the customer’s needs and based on a broad business understanding combined with advanced technological specialization. The team contains QA experts, test engineers, load and performance experts, and software testers.

Areas of Expertise

The QA field at E-Base Technologies is independent of the projects it tests. We apply a unique testing methodology that tracks the development process and its quality even before it enters the actual testing stage, to make testing more effective and efficient. QA and software testing professionals provide services for the various divisions of E-Base Technologies, and to their customers, by integrating methodology, tools, and experience to ensure the success of advanced technology projects.


Formulating and deploying quality programs for the organization and for individual projects, and creating complementary procedures. Deployment of a unique quality policy to meet customer needs.

Using automatic tools to expedite the planning and execution of software testing. Deployment of automatic tools (Code Review) by the E-Base Technologies software experts; load, volume, and performance testing; usability testing.

QA management for the customer, including risk analysis and feasibility testing, alternatives analysis, execution of the tests and documentation, and routine monitoring.

Creating the QA infrastructure within the organization. Deployment of a quality program tailored to the customer’s needs.

Acceptance testing. Planning and execution of acceptance tests, generation of summary reports, and recommendations for follow-up.

Professional services. Flexible professional personnel services tailored to the customer’s needs.

Outsourcing services. QA services provided partially or entirely by Talpiot, E-Base Technologies’s offshore division.

Offshore software testing. with our fully equipped offshore facility.

E-Base Technologies covers all areas of SQA, including:

Usability includes looking at, capturing, and stating requirements based around user interface issues, things such as accessibility, interface aesthetics, and consistency within the user interface.

Reliability includes aspects such as availability, accuracy, and recoverability, for example, computations, or recoverability of the system from shut-down failure.

Performance involves things such as throughput of information through the system, system response time (which also relates to usability), recovery time, and startup time.

A number of other requirements are specified, such as testability, adaptability, maintainability, compatibility, configurability, installability, scalability, localizability, and so on.