Timely, cost-effective and high-quality software is achieved through effective software quality control (SQC) and software quality assurance (SQA) practices applied throughout the development cycle.

Our QA courses provide the skills needed to define, design and implement a practical software quality system using innovative and proven techniques tailored for any life cycle model.


Below is a sample schedule for one of our QA courses.

Class Topics Covered Student Exercise
Day 1 Introduction to Software Quality Assurance, SDLC, QDLC, QALC Planning and Management Definitions, goals, inputs More details on day 1 Hands-on Lab
Day 2 Manual testing, types of testing, Planning and Management, Test methodology, Risk analysis, Test Execution, Environment, Analysis More details on day 2 Hands-on Lab
Day 3 Test Plan and test case preparation, Introduction to Use cases, BRD, SRS, TRD and PRD, Creating a test plan, Test Case Design, Methods, Development, Documentation More details on day 3 Hands-on Lab
Day 4 Test management tools and Bug tracking tools, Defect Reporting More details on day 4 Hands-on Lab
Day 5 Test Director, PVCS Tracker More details on day 5 Hands-on Lab
Day 6 Oracle, SQL queries More details on day 6 Hands-on Lab
Day 7 Unix, Vi Editor, commands, introduction to shell scripts More details on day 7 Hands-on Lab
Day 8 Introduction to Win Runner, Test Automation, Record and Playback, Context sensitivity, Repeatability More details on day 8 Hands-on Lab
Day 9 Advanced Test Automation, Programming with TSL, Data Driven tests, Verification More details on day 9 Hands-on Lab
Day 10 Quick Test Pro, Automation, Record, Playback More details on day 10 Hands-on Lab
Day 11 Introduction to Load Runner Creating Vusers, creating scripts More details on day 11 Hands-on Lab
Day 12 Vugen More details on day 12 Hands-on Lab
Day 13 Comptroller More details on day 13 Hands-on Lab
Day 14 Lists, FAQ’s, Q&A More details on day 16 Q & A