Globalization, e-business, industry convergence, mergers and increasing consumer demands are reshaping the banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication and Energy & Utilities industries. No sooner does an organization adapt to one set of business pressures, than another set of challenges appears. The speed of change is persistent and is being driven by a number of drivers and opportunities:

  • E-business has generated numerous opportunities for organizations to streamline their operations, minimize their procurement costs, develop truly collaborative relationships and exploit new channels to market;
  • Rising customer expectations and the need to meet increasingly challenging service levels are placing new pressures on the supply chain and forcing organizations to reconsider how they manage the consumer and consumer-related information;
  • Price transparency is driving down prices, and subsequently profits in all areas, forcing organizations to achieve greater levels of efficiency;
  • Globalization of both suppliers and customers is forcing organizations to deliver products and services in a more consistent manner, in turn placing greater pressure on the need for them to have harmonized management information systems;EBT is in the best position to understand the industry’s impact and use that understanding to help our clients gain competitive advantage in the following fields.